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Thinking Naturally

Thinking Naturally

In explaining the various physiological (how things work in the body) and pathological (how they go wrong) processes that my patients go through and then the different phases of healing (how things come right again and return to normal), I often use the same methods of explanation and I have realised that it’s just a way of thinking…I need to get you thinking in a certain way, understanding life with Natural Glasses on instead of the polaroids that have been the rage for the last 100 years…

Surely by now, we all realise that narrow-minded thinking in any area is going to get us nowhere? We need to broaden our views and start “thinking Naturally”…this is a way of thinking that brings one back to the way things were intended and made, if we can understand the basic laws of Nature, we will have the answers to many of life’s questions. From how nature works to how our body’s work and how things go wrong, and what medicines to use that make sense. For me it’s simple, it’s the way I think, I was born like this, nobody told me, taught me or explained it to me but I figured it out along my life’s journey. Needless to say, I am only excited to learn all that I am yet to learn but more excited to begin sharing my insights…take ’em or leave ’em!

I find that if you just look to Nature you get all the answers…modern day man has gone against the grain, competed against Nature and has, in a ridiculously short space of time, made this planet a precarious place to live. Exciting times we live in with all that is opening up to us on a technological level, but at what cost? Man needs to make a change…and not soon…NOW! Just like HIV, no one can ignore it anymore.  And that means on ALL levels of life if we don’t want to be shaken off the planet. Believe me, the latest technology is no match for Mother Nature. When or if the tipping point is reached she will just shake us off and start again, just ask the residents of Pakistan, Indonesia, Haiti or the other 150-odd places that have been victim to her wrath in 2010-to date, Indonesia was dealt a double wammy after a sea-bed earthquake caused a tsunami on one side of the island and a volcano erupted on the other within a few hours of each other.

But Nature knows how to bounce back, there’s no-one directing her, no scientists making things happen or trying to stop them from happening, left to her own devices Nature resets the balance and re-creates order. There may be some turbulence along the way, some ups and downs, but in the end balance is restored. A mere 26 years after the Chernobyl disaster, the irradiated city that was entirely abandoned by humans has bounced back to a thriving ecosystem, with wonderful flora and fauna;”The first few years after people evacuated the zone, rats and house mice flourished, and packs of feral dogs roamed the area despite efforts to exterminate them [akin to pharmaceuticals being used to try and eradicate bacteria & viruses]. But the heyday of these vermin proved to be short-lived, and already the native fauna has begun to take over. Wild boar is 10 to 15 times as common within the Chernobyl exclusion zone as outside it, and big predators are making a spectacular comeback. “I’ve never seen a wolf in the Ukraine outside the exclusion zone but I’ve seen many of them inside,” says Chesser. “(<>).

So it’s clearly a case of we need the earth, she really doesn’t need us, nor do any animal species on the planet need us to survive. In fact they’d ALL, without exception, be better off without us. It’s time for each and every one of us to stand up and be counted, to realise our own significance in the greater scheme, not insignificance like we are taught, but what impact our individual actions do have on the earth, to promise to stop being selfish and to begin to respect Mother Earth and the wisdom of creation and the NATURAL WAY and stop chasing the quick fixes and chemical/technological and most often toxic answers that only leave devastation in their wake…it’s time to leave the Age of Convenience behind, apologise to Mother Earth and return to an understanding; a symbiotic relationship with our world, our creator and ultimately each other.

Everything works in cycles; time and the calendar, planetary and astrological cycles; climate, geology, agriculture, biology, medical (brain waves, menstrual cycles, heart rhythms), in physics: waves, frequencies & amplitudes; the electromagnetic spectrum, sound waves: music and rhythm, in religions, social and cultural cycles, economy and business, and even military and war.

The sooner people realise that there is an ebb and flow about life they can relax in the knowledge that “this too shall pass”, that nothing is forever or permanent and that the only constant in life is change. This is what it means to be alive. And that change is a PROCESS, a movement of smaller changes/oscillations towards an extreme and then a movement back towards a midline. And when something blocks/alters the natural flow of things, then it must be stopped/ removed so that the norm can be restored. The process of removing the blockage takes the normal cycle out of its way, often including a different / often unpleasant process in order to remove it, however it is short-lived as the process is effective and the blockage is then removed and balance/order is restored, this too is a normal and natural response.

These processes happen in all of these cycles, I think people are now beginning to see that financial markets go through ups and downs, and we are either ‘coming out of the recession’ or moving into another one, and we’re all still here. What it does teach us is what to prioritise again, back to basics and to take note of the important things in life first. To stop being so materialistic and we now question whether something is really important enough to spend money on.

The same thinking must follow with your health, because we are Natural beings, created by the same Creator as the rest of Nature, to live in harmony with the earth. Understand that things are cyclical and that there are NATURAL processes for how things work (physiological) and how things react/respond and natural/normal processes for the removal of blockages from the system (healing) that when understood make perfect sense and are not pathological (diseased) and it would just be illogical (and in my personal opinion) insane to try and stop them.

Natural medicines only help the natural processes to unblock and restore to balance and can be used very effectively in many and most conditions. So put on Natural sunglasses and see the world in an entirely new way and make a resolution to embrace the Natural Way.

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