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About Homeopathy

The healing benefits are known to many and evident for any who would like to experience it...

Harnessing the true power of Mother Nature

Homeopathy is an incredible healing art...

Homeopathy is an incredible healing art that has an almost magical way of harnessing the true healing powers of plants and other parts of Mother Nature. There really is healing in almost every leaf, flower and berry, and Homeopathy uses these healing powers to assist the body’s own natural healing methods to work more efficiently and effectively. A Homeopathic remedy in your prescription is like the Conductor of the Orchestra, without the conductor, each section just does its own thing and often chaos or at least discord arises.

The Conductor directs each section and assists them in all working together to achieve the best result: this is your Homeopathic remedy. At times, a remedy or combination of remedies will be given, sometimes alone, or at other times with other herbal or Chinese medicines. Each person is unique, as is their prescription.

Homeopathy makes use of many natural substances, plants, mineral and some animal sources, and in a unique manufacturing process, removes any toxicity and harnesses the incredible healing abilities that only those with experience in this Art of Medicine, can truly understand. Many naysayers abound, but there must be a very good reason why the profession is constantly gaining ground in the both the medical field but more importantly, with the public.

The healing benefits are known to many and evident for any who would like to experience it, I heard someone the other day say, “I don’t believe in Homeopathy”  and I felt sorry for her in that she both felt that it was something that needs “believing” in, like a religion or ghosts or reincarnation, and that she is sadly so closed that she may never experience the amazing healing it possesses!

Homeopaths are qualified doctors with a Master’s Degree; they have completed medical training and have specialities in Homeopathy. They are all fully qualified and responsible in referring for additional scanning, testing and any other specialist referral necessary to correctly diagnose and to best manage each patient. Ultrasound and blood testing are frequently used to assist in diagnosis and treatment monitoring.

Children respond particularly well to Homeopathic medicines, as their systems are still very vibrant and haven’t been so terribly suppressed by the chemical load most people are exposed to. Using Homeopathic remedies as the first line of defence and response in any situation often halts the progression so fast, you’ll be left wondering if it was coming on at all! At other times, the remedy assists other medicines in achieving quick and long lasting results. Many children these days are “Homeopathic Kids” as one of my patients was proud to tell me the other day.