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About Reproductive Health & Fertility

We use combinations of natural therapies

Maximising the efficiency of the reproductive tissues

Strengthening the functioning of the system, from hormone production to tissue response...

When dealing with Reproductive health and Fertility issues we use combinations of natural therapies that have been shown over the years to be a wonderful combination; Homeopathy, Acupuncture, Traditional Chinese Medicine and other Herbal and Nutraceutical Medicines that assist in balancing aspects of health that impact Fertility and Reproductive health. We can assist in maximising the efficiency of the reproductive tissues by strengthening the functioning of the system, from hormone production to tissue response. Healing and rebalancing of the system is notonly possible, but is probable. In cases of unexplained infertility, we focus on the subtle

abnormalities that exist. Supportive treatments like Acupuncture for assisted reproductive techniques, like IVF, are also offered.

Lifestyle and dietary modifications and stress relieving techniques, including other therapies may also be suggested in a holistic approach that has proven to be very effective in fertility over the past decade. Whether you’re trying to conceive naturally or need combination treatments for supporting an ivf or other assisted reproductive procedure, Natural Medicine can help.

Different Homeopaths will offer various combinations of therapies as most of us have not stopped learning at only Homeopathy, but are continuously learning from all the wisdom that is abundant through all traditions and cultures and advances in medicine and technology. The following therapies are what I currently utilise but the combinations of each are specific to each individual and their needs.

Step 1:


In the first consultation, the Homeopathic doctor will take your history, all health information, reproductive or otherwise is necessary for the doctor to correctly understand your condition & prescribe correctly. If any previous blood tests, scans or procedures have been done, please bring all the relevant information with you, so that we can correctly understand your case. Just because we use Natural Medicine does not mean we don’t use technology! so blood tests and scans are also utilised in order to correctly diagnose and treat each patient. Subsequent tests may be requested. Rest assured that Homeopathic doctors are well qualified in all aspects of medicine and are very thorough in investigations and treatments and will refer wherever required.

Traditional Chinese Medicine is also used in the diagnosis and understanding of the imbalances in each individual, so apart from the normal medical case history, other information may be required. The consultation will take between 1 – 1 ½ hrs. We also request that both partners attend the consultation if possible, even if only 1 has been diagnosed with a condition or seems to have the “issue”, as there is a large amount of discussion and explanation that follows, including very important dietary and lifestyle guidelines that need to be understood and often followed by BOTH partners.

Step 2:


Combinations of Natural medicines are prescribed according to the individual case. Homeopathic, Western Herbal, Chinese Herbal, some Auyvedic or Unani Tibb (traditional Indian) medicines could also be prescribed. Being on a good Multivitamin and Omega 3 & 6 supplement is essential, so often these vitamins and minerals are prescribed.  

If blood tests reveal any other condition, such as high Insulin or imbalanced thyroid levels, other medications may be given to assist in the balancing and healing of all the systems, these play a major role in your body’s ability to conceive or make good quality eggs and sperm.

Medications and combinations thereof will change from time to time as they are used to heal and balance a particular aspect of the current state. Some medicines remain the same, but others may differ, especially the Chinese and Homeopathic ones. Don’t expect to be on the same protocol the whole way through.

Step 3:


Treatments are set for every 2 weeks, except in more severe cases (eg. Amenorrhoea – not having any periods) where weekly treatments are advised.   Often months of treatment is needed before a pregnancy is achieved, depending on each individual and their individual state of health. Treatments are often for BOTH partners, depending on the issues. Much can be done for both male and female fertility issues, but this is done via healing the system and assisting in a natural pregnancy.

Step 4:


No, it’s not sore! Most people are very pleasantly surprised after their first treatment and rather feel the amazing relaxation and fabulous night’s sleep that follows!

Acupuncture is an incredible form of treatment that assists in the correct functioning of the electromagnetic systems of our body that work in tandem with the physical and biochemical as one unit. When this energy flow is imbalanced then the physical system cannot be anything but imbalanced. There is much scientific evidence to explain the benefits of acupuncture in many conditions and its use specifically in FERTILITY is widespread. Acupuncture reconnects the electromagnetic communication between the reproductive tissues, the nervous and hormonal systems.