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Dr Catherine Knight

Natural Medicine Woman

I am absolutely passionate about Nature, in all its forms...

Homeopath - Acupuncturist - Chinese Medicine - Functional Medicine Practitioner

I am absolutely passionate about Nature, in all its forms, and from an early age wanted to and did help people. It was a natural progression for me to study some form of Medicine and it made logical sense to me, that as we are a part of Nature and because Mother Nature has her hand in not only providing nutrition for our bodies & resources for our survival that it made sense that she too would provide medicines. Natural Medicine was of course my obvious choice.

I qualified in 2002 as a Homeopath, after complicating my life and already having my 2 older children whilst studying. I always tell them, they were my guinea pigs where I got to test all my medicines on! After working commercially for 2 years I started practice at Life Centre in 2004, a group practice where we focused a multi disciplinary approach to treating many Fertility and Reproductive Health issues.

During this time I gained my registration as an Acupuncturist, which opened up a whole new element to my practice and understanding as a healer. Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is an amazing way of understanding the body and its functioning, and both Acupuncture and the Herbal Medicine arms have continuously proven to be invaluable in my treatment of patients. TCM and Homeopathy work hand in glove and are a powerful combination.

After working in the group for a few years I moved into my own practice and in 2008 I completed the postgraduate short learning program from the University of Johannesburg, on Alternative Medicine’s approach to Fertility and Reproductive Health. In 2012, I became an AFMCP graduate, Applying Functional Medicine in Clinical Practice, an international course by the Institute of Functional Medicine, USA. As a Holistic Natural Healer, this appealed to me as this is already what we do and Functional Medicine provides the biochemical understanding of holistic medicine and it is heart warming to see so many conventional doctors including it in their practices. The paradigm is shifting, and I am excited to be at the forefront…and I am always learning more so the list continues…

By now I have gained much experience and have had the privilege of helping so many people heal, from acute day to day illnesses to chronic disease. I have enjoyed treating many variable conditions over the years, like fertility and reproductive health, including Endometriosis, Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, Amenorrhoea (no periods at all), Male fertility issues as well as many other chronic diseases like arthritis, diabetes, metabolic disorders (like insulin resistance, cholesterol, weight issues) and I have a love of treating children as well.

The combination of therapies I use consistently shows its worth. I am most passionate, however, about treating fertility issues where couples are battling to conceive. Reproductive health is a common and complex issue, but so much healing is possible and the most rewarding of all days is when a new pregnancy is revealed!

This isn’t what I do, it’s who I am, a Medicine Woman…

My Personal Mission

To Positively Affect the Lives of as Many People as I can Touch in my Lifetime

  • Investigating all clues in understanding your health issue

    Finding the right combo of meds and treatments to facilitate healing

  • Helping YOU understand what has gone wrong in your journey and what the path to healing looks like

    Keeping you updated all the way through the healing journey as the terrain, and therefore your symptoms, change

  • The excitement I have when a patient tells me they are well or better, Pregnant!

    I am truly invested in your healing journey, wherever that may lead

Guest Speaking and Presentations

I love sharing my insights and teaching others from what I have learnt so far...