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Your path to health

Thinking Naturally

A way of thinking that brings one back to the way things were intended and made. If we can understand the basic laws of Nature, we will have the answers to many of life’s questions.

Subtle yet powerful support

What is Homeopathy?

A unique system of harnessing the healing essence of Nature and gently stimulating the body’s vital force to trigger our own powerful healing potential.

Stimulates innate healing

How does Acupuncture work?

Acupuncture is able to connect to and influence the flow of electromagnetic energy, qi, within energetic vessels that then influence the flow of blood, fluid and functioning of our biology. 

Systems biology approach

What is Functional Medicine?

A conventionally based, scientific approach to systems biology. Assessment and care is uniquely tailored to each individuals unique biochemical make-up and response.


With a passion for Nature and a deep desire to heal, each patient is assessed in a genuinely holistic way, combining a few healing arts such as Homeopathy, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Acupuncture, Functional Medicine, Nutrition and Lifestyle Medicine.  A combination of therapies and suggested lifestyle changes are a potent mix that brings about positive health and life changing results.

Health Services



Gentle and effective medicines

As each person is unique, so is their expression of disease. Remedies are individually chosen via in-depth consultation with this understanding and stimulate the innate healing response in resolution of the underlying cause.



Balances the flow of energy

TCM understanding of the patient's individual imbalance provides clear guidelines in the choice of points chosen in order to bring about a restoration of the flow of qi within the meridians and therefore a healing response in the body.

Functional Medicine

Functional Medicine

Holistic biochemical approach

After careful assessment of the patient's health status and an understanding of biological interactions between our systems, natural medicines and nutraceuticals are used to address imbalances and support the body's healing.

Special Interest in



Happy healthy families

Many systems and imbalances affect our fertility. A comprehensive assessment and treatment plan is tailored to the patient's individual case using regular acupuncture treatments and various natural medicines to bring about natural pregnancies or provide preparation and support for Assisted Reproductive Techniques like IVF.

Hormonal & Metabolic Health

Hormonal & Metabolic Health

A spiderweb of interaction

All hormones affect and are affected by others and influence most functions of our body, A delicate balance is required for health and wellness and is often the key to unlocking chronic health issues and changing the future. Combinations of Acupuncture and natural medicines are often used to bring about healing.

Family Health

Family Health

From newborns to the elderly

Acute health issues arise on a daily basis and can be successfully dealt with via natural methods. All necessary testing and diagnoses are made with appropriate interventions. Natural medicines are often incorrectly assumed to 'take a long time' , but many patients enjoy rapid resolution of their illness.

What to expect

Consultation and treatments

Consultations are long, in-depth discussions where I get to know the ins and outs of your system, mind and body and where our healing journey begins.

  • Initial Consultation

    We spend around 90mins on your history, current health concerns understanding your imbalance and deciding on a plan of action

  • Follow-up consultations

    60 mins of discussion of changes in symptoms or discussing blood or imaging reports and and deciding on any new medication or treatment plans.

  • Acupuncture Treatments

    After initial consultation, treatment sessions are set-up at different intervals depending on what we need to treat. Treatment sessions are about 60mins in total and include the follow-up consultation as needed.

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